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Here at Rejuvenurse Skin Clinic we have a holistic, bespoke and professional approach to your aesthetic skin treatments. Offering bespoke treatment programs that are individual to your desired results. Here there is no one size fits all treatment therefore we have a high patient satisfaction rate allowing us to achieve natural and individual results. We are based in a salon but have a very private setting in Blackburn, Lancashire.

We specialise in a global approach to Skin, and pride ourselves on patient education promoting skin health. Patients can benefit from a range of services including our advanced skincare programs, mechanical and chemical exfoliation, skin cosmeceuticals, and advanced skin boosting using the revolutionary Sunekos. Our other injectable unisex aesthetic procedures include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and lip augmentation.

At Rejuvenurse you are our patients not our clients and we pride ourselves on an open trusting relationship where we provide honest advice to ensure subtle enhanced natural results as our patients are our best advertisement. All treatments are provided by our senior nursing team with over 20 years combined NHS service. As we are a nurse led clinic, we ensure we keep our skills and knowledge up to date with the best evidence-based practice available and this ensures we are providing high standards within our aesthetics practice.


A fully qualified senior registered nurse and aesthetics practitioner.

“I started my nurse training in 2005 at The University of Manchester, since qualifying as a registered adult nurse I have worked the majority of my career specialising in adult critical care. My NHS role has allowed me to develop a wide variety of skills including becoming an Advanced Life Support Instructor, advanced clinical assessment and undergoing my prescribing module at masters level. My move into medical aesthetics was inspired by undergoing a number of treatments myself and loving the results. Training with one of four experts in the country and my vast NHS experience Safety and Quality underpin everything I set to achieve within my practice. I enjoy the subtle natural enhancements that build patients confidence. I love skincare and preventative measures and feel that a good skincare regime is key to ensuring that optimum results are achievable when it comes to aesthetics.”


A fully qualified senior registered nurse and aesthetics practitioner.

“I started my nurse training in 2008 at The University of Central Lancashire. My background is a Critical Care Nurse & I then went onto to become an Acute Care Team Practitioner (Critical Care Outreach). Within this role I have developed skills that have allowed me to deal with any complications as I am part of the hospital resuscitation team. I am also currently studying at MSc level. In order to undertake this course & throughout I have developed an in depth knowledge of anatomy & physiology. I have undergone aesthetic treatments for a number of years. The reason I decided to enter the aesthetic field was when I developed a post procedure complication. I felt that as a compassionate nurse I would like to assist in educating the public but also have the privilege of making people happy by enhancing their features. I trained in aesthetics by one of the country’s leading aestheticians. All my underpinning aesthetic knowledge is evidence based because of this.”

If you want to benefit from a range of services including skincare programs and aesthetic procedures book with one of our qualified aesthetics practitioners today